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With USB ZiPhone-II, VOIP & Skype Power Dialing

ziphone.jpgOld contact methods for doing business consume more time and more money that your business could utilize for better purposes.

The TelDial contact management and USB calling solution will take you into a more efficient and less expensive realm of doing business over the telephone.

There are many contact management programs available to choose from, but not many give the direct connection to your telephone by allowing you to place calls with your telephone either by one click or automatically making calls in a series as each one is ended.

TelDial's contact databases let you keep track of complete information on each contact including address, phone, fax, cell phone, E-Mail address, alternate numbers, instant messenger id's, product information and more. Sixteen user definable fields let you customize the contact base to a perfect completion.

We've also included a notes area in which you can keep track of any information you desire to bring about a complete history of contact information with for person or company on your list.

TelDial can import contact lists from other programs you may already be using. You will also be able to use two contact databases on one screen to switch between prospects and customers. Transfer prospects to contacts instantly!

Call Recording As if having an onscreen, advanced, mouse controlled, searchable and filterable telephone and contact list that interacts with your telephone directly is not enough...

We take it a step further by giving you the ability to record any or all of your telephone conversations and log them for later review. Recording a conversation is as easy as clicking a button on your screen. This is an invaluable feature not found on standard hardware that is within an affordable budget for small businesses with a single agent, a few agents or a large business with hundreds of call seats. Just think of how many times you would like to have had that certain telephone call recorded! Now you can!

Take Audio Notes On The Fly Recording conversations is not enough, you need to be able to take notes regarding your conversation. You can log notes in the notepad supplied or go a step further and record an audio note to attach to your recorded conversation or contact in general.

Why write notes on paper for temporary reminders when you can record those as well, at any point during, before or after a conversation. Use them for any reason you would use a tape recorder! The uses of such notes are limited only to your imagination. Why should we stop there? We don't! Take your audio notes and play them back into the telephone at any point during your conversation to the other party! How cool is that?

Call Scripting & Call Script Editor are built in Call Scripting is an invaluable way to 'remember' what to say to your prospect when you are in the sales business. Most call scripting software can range in the thousands of dollars and editing the scripts on your own is usually not an option. Most call scripts require specialized programmers to create them. TelDial has call scripting built in along with an advanced script editor that is as easy to use as a simple word processor. The call scripting features of TelDial are very unique. Allowing you to utilize predicted reply links to follow a customized conversation script for any given scenario you can think of.

Another great tool for selling, all combined into one package!Your purchase of US Autodialer's TelDial comes with the complete software, manual and optional ZiPhone II USB Telephone. This ergonomic USB telephone is packed with a punch. Not only can you interface with your standard analog telephone or PBX connection, but the ZiPhone II lets you use the same phone to talk over VOIP connections such as Skype, Vonage, Soft phones and many more! This advanced connectivity along with the use of a headset or earpiece gives you complete hands free freedom to focus on more important tasks. TelDial can do all this and more when combined with the ZiPhone II USB Telephone. - However, the ZiPhone is not 'Required' to utilize most of the features that TelDial affords. TelDial can utilize virtually any Voice over IP based connection such as SIP, IAX, Asterisk, and Skype etc...

This includes connectivity to many broadband telephone services providers, such as Vonage, Broadvox, RingCentral, Packet8 and many others.

TelDial gives you all of the features of a standard phone and a soft phone along with all of the software you need maximize your productivity.

Screen shot Gallery - Click Images for larger views
/images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg /images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg /images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg
/images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg /images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg /images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg
/images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg /images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg
/images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg /images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg /images/ZiphonetelDialLogo3.jpg
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Some of the features of TelDial

  • Call Recording
  • Record Audio Notes
  • Play Recorded Messages Online
  • Import Existing Contact Databases
  • Music on Hold
  • Caller ID Display
  • Put Call on Hold
  • Fax Through Modem
  • Use a Headset
  • Clear Sound Quality
  • PBX Compatible
  • Multi Seat Call Center Capable
  • Call Scripting
  • Call Script Editor
  • Do Not Call List Management
  • Smart Dialing
  • Flash-Hook
  • VOIP Interaction with Services or Soft-phones.
  • Multiple Contact Lists

We make it work with your existing Windows™ operating system to create the most convenient calling tool EVER!

  • Web Browser
  • E-Mail
  • Calculator
  • Fax
  • Task Manager
  • Spreadsheet
  • Word Processor
  • User definable programs
  • FAST Smart Dialing Technology
  • All on the same screen!

It's Smart Software

Sample features that you can utilize with TelDial


PBX compatible YES
Multi seat call center capable YES
Call Recording YES
Play recorded messages online YES
Record Audio Notes on the fly YES
Maintain a log of all your activities YES
Import existing contact databases YES
Call Scripting YES
Call Script Editor YES
Music on Hold YES
Caller ID Display YES
'Do Not Call List' Management YES
Smart Dialing YES
Volume Control YES
Put Call on Hold YES
Flash Hook YES
Clear Sound Quality YES
Use a headset YES
Fax Through Modem YES

From Home Workers to Group or Public Organizations, 'TelDial' can help you keep all of your Contact information in one place and easy to access. TelDial is the only cost effective solution to have the features it has, and keep them all bundled into one package.For sales people, direct marketers, and call centers, US Autodialer's TelDial is the perfect solution you have been looking for. No more expensive and hard to configure Auto Dialers and Predictive Dialers needed. No more cold calling methods. Communicate with people the way they want to be communicated with, by calling them directly and in person.

It is not the amount of dialled numbers you make that makes your sales. It is the amount of sales you make that keep you in business. Instead of getting thousands of hang-ups per day by using current cold calling methods, you can be reaping the rewards of making personal and warm calls to your prospective clients by using TelDial and the ZiPhone II.

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