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                        Dell GX260 8-Line WINLEADS™
                   Turn-key Auto Dialer Systems

Beat the competition with our newest dialer. These larger systems will easily dial 8,000 numbers a day; play your messages; record return messages; and switch live calls through to your sales staff.

200,000 outbound calls a month may sound daunting; even finding that many reliable lead phone numbers could be time consuming and expensive. But, this is what we make easy. We'll provide telephone numbers and addresses for your whole State included with every System.

You can't beat these entry level systems for the return on investment. Small footprint. Easy to Run. If your state has less than 120,000 available telephone numbers, we'll provide an additional adjacent AnyState™ Database for free.

Even if you only use a single telephone line, you could still contact as many as 30,000 customers each month. And our GX260 call system does everything the larger expansion systems will do including voice-mail.


Dell GX260 8-Line DELL WINLEADS™ Turn-key E-mail, Fax & Autodials

Pre-loaded with your choice of AnyState™ Database





Dell® OptiPlex GX260 Tower
Intel® CPU Pentium® 4 2.4GHz
512 MB of RAM Installed
Includes Winleads 12-Line License
Two (2) Dialogic 4-line D/41 PCI Voice Dialing Boards - Four-port DSP-based voice processing Dialogic board with PCI form factor.
Four (4) DIMM slots
40GB IDE Hard Drive
CD-ROM Drive Installed
1.44 Floppy Drive Installed
Windows XP Loaded with media
Onboard Video and Audio Installed
Desktop Form Factor
Two (4) PCI Slots
Two (2) PS/2 Ports
Eight (8) USB Ports / 6 Back & 2 Front One
(1) Serial Port and One (1) Parallel Port
Onboard Gigabit Network Installed

GX260 8-Line DELL
® WINLEADS™ Turn-key Includes:

  • AnyState Residential or Business Database
  • Keyboard / Mouse / Headset
  • Power Cord included


Winleads™ Autodials Software Features Include:

  • Winleads™ Automatic Script Creation Wizard

  • Phone List Creator Utility

  • Cool Edit 2000 (trial version)

  • Inbound / Outbound capability

  • Call transfer

  • Voicemail

  • Answering machine detection

  • “Do Not Call” List maintenance

  • Winleads™ JobMaker professional scheduler

  • Winleads™ ListMaker database import utility

  • Winleads™ ScriptMaker wizards

  • Random number generating

  • Multiple dialing campaign capability

  • Fax on demand (Requires Voice/Fax modem)

  • Fax and E-mail Broadcasting (Requires add'l Voice/Fax modem)

  • Includes a 12 month warranty on all parts.

Comes with comprehensive training & support!!!  

Complete 8-Line Turn-key System: $855.00 USD
**Monitors are not included

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