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Easy to use notifications for your community about products, special alerts, weather updates and meetings are handled by telephone in a reliable way allowing a key-press to confirm that you've reached them, or that they want to receive further information. Winleads™ logs every call, key-presses, and will retry busy and no answer calls. This provides a reliable, time tested auto dialing solution that will give you years of great service at the lowest price.
Winleads™ 4 to 8 Line Turn-key Auto Dialer

Winleads™ 8 to 16 Line Turn-key Auto Dialer

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WINLEADS™ Complete Turn-key Auto Dialer Systems with Dialogic Multi-line Dialing Voice Response Boards produce up to 3,600 calls per day. Use 1 to 4 telephone lines. Optional upgrade can expand to make 8 simultaneous calls. Systems use Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Vista is optional.
**Monitor is not included.

  WINLEADS™ Complete Turn-key Auto Dialer Systems come with Dialogic PCI Multi-line Dialing Boards installed into a tower frame.
8-Line Systems typically produce up to 200,000 calls each month. Systems are available for 8, 12 or 16 lines. Systems come with Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Vista is an optional upgrade.
**Monitor is not included

   Telephone Outreach for Ministries & Congregations      Power Dialing Software & ZiPhone II USB Autodialer
  Maintaining contact with Members of your Church or Congregation is now much easier with an auto dialer. Many churches make announcements such as meetings, upcoming sermons and follow-up calls to visitors which can be made to all or part of your group with the same, consistent message.

Reminders can be played directly to members so every important event is consistently broadcast, and redialed as needed to reach a live person or be left on answering machines.

Setup and operation is simple, and our multi-line system will provide years of service for a single, low cost price. 


ZiPhone II is a smart desktop voice communications solution, performing various CTI functions through direct communication with your PC, as well as conventional telephone functions such as building address books, call recording,

Auto answering and recording when absent, Caller ID, Listening to audio during conversations. and more. Also can be used without a computer.

ZiPhone II enables many telephony features that you can’t get from your land line: call recording, auto-attendant, and automatic dialing. TelDial can run alone and works as a VOIP autodialer program..
GrandStream IP Analog Gateway, a cost effective way to provide 4, 8 and 24 telephone lines over an internet broadband VOIP.
GrandStream GXW-40XXGrandStream GXW-40XX

Simplicity through Plug-n-Call™

With the unique Plug-n-Call™ feature, the broadband telephony service-activation process is completely automated and removes the technical constraints in many of today’s solutions. During the installation and activation of the service, neither pre-configuration of the unit nor interaction from the end-user is required during installation and activation of the service. 

The Plug-n-Call™ simplifies the processes for the service provider and allows broadband telephony to reach a broader public.

GXW-400X is a next generation VoIP FXS gateway that is SIP based and interoperable with leading IP-PBX and Softswitch systems. It features 4 (GXW-4004) or 8 (GXW-4008) telephone ports, superb voice quality, rich telephony functionalities, easy provisioning, flexible dialing plans, PSTN failover line, and dual routed or switched network ports. The GXW-400x gateway series enables small and medium businesses to create integrated IP and PSTN telephone systems and efficiently manage communication costs.

Winleads Auto Dialer Program
Legal auto dialers for appointments, meeting notifications, surveys, calling campaigns, group calling, voice broadcasting, lead generation, political campaigns, auto reminders, business-to-business, and more. Winleads easy-to-use program supports Do-Not-Call list scrubbing, auto opt-out, and voice broadcasting.

Whenever you need to make reminder calls, we have the software that will do it automatically for your notifications and alerts. Our Autodialers with Interactive Voice Boards are proven to increase lead productivity for telemarketing and call centers. Contact us today for all of your dialer and voice broadcasting needs.
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